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4x4 driving is one of the slowest of the motor sports but that does not mean it is any less fun. 4x4 driving is very technical and lots of fun, providing you can hold your nerve.

4x4 (Four by Four) usualyl refers to off road all terain vechicles and not to be mistaken with 4WD (Four Wheels Drive). There are plenty of 4 Wheel Drive cars that you would not use for off road driving, this just referess to the number of wheels that receive power fromthe engine.

To do 4x4 driving you need to have good control and placement of the vechicle so not to get it stuck and also be able to maintain your speed and control when you have to climb up muddly wet hills and down steep un-even drops into pools or water.

The key is not to panic and use the 4x4's grip, stablility and power to overcome all the obstacles that you face.

4x4 Land Rover

There are more and more 4x4's that you see on the roads but not all are vechicles that you would take off road. The 4x4 has become a stylish vechicle in many cases with many people buying it for these purposes rather than the capabilitues of it's driving.

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