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For anyone who wants to know what to expect on a driving experience day then this is the page you need to read. Alternatively find out what driving experience days are.

For those who have never been on a driving experience day the experience is split up into sections to help you get the most out of the day.

Obviously each driving experience is going to vary slightly, based on what your experience is (single seater, Ferrari, rally driving) and how long your experience is set to last (half day/full day).

It is important to be dressed properly for your driving experience, you should wear long trousers (not too baggy) and also a long sleeved top, you must also wear thin flat bottomed shoes/trainers!

It is a good idea to also turn up in plenty of time, especially i fyou are havig nto travel any largish distance to get to your venue (Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Rockingham, Silverstone, Thruxton are a few examples of race tracks).

The start of the day you will receive a welcome and an introduction (possibly with snacks and drinks) where you will also receive safety instructions and possibly a list of the racing flags that you could see being waved around the track. It is very important you concentrate as the last thing you want is to be out on the track and not know what to do when you are being signaled to do something. You will also be sorted out with your helmet and suit to wear.

Next you will be taken to your car and you will possibly jump in with an instructor at the wheel who will take you round the circuit to familiarize you with the track and the "racing lines" to take around corners.
If you are taking part in a single seater driving experience there is a good chance your first laps out on track will be done in a saloon car so you can have an instructor by your side as this is obviously not possible in a Single seater.
Then it's your go, you will get to go out on the track again you will possibly have the instructor by your side giving you hints and tips on how to approach a corners, what braking points to take, what the best line is so after a few laps you will be putting all you are learning into practice and putting quicker and quicker lap times in!

If you are on a half day experience you will get some good drive time behind the wheel before the experience is up then you will likely re-congrigate and have a drink and get a presentation of a certificate for taking part in your experience day.

Those on full day driving experiences will maybe stop for a short break to get a drink and something to eat before moving into the second half of the days driving experience.

Obviously those on a full day experiences will get more laps and be able to learn more about how to drive and get more time behind the wheels. Again, at the end of the days experience you will likely re-congrigate and get a drink and a presentation for taking part in the driving experience.

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