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Single Seater experiences are as close as you can get to pure built race cars.

On a single seater driving experience you get to experience what it is like to drive a race car similar to those you see Michael Schumacher driving.

You are given expert tuition and advice on how to drive the car and how to make the most of it, you then get to drive it.

It is unlikely you will get to accelerate or go as quick with your bum only inches from the tarmac.

What to expect on a Single Seater driving experience
On arrival at your Single seater driving experience you will have a safety briefing from instructors to let you know the import points of the day, such as racing flag meanings and other safety instructions.

Obviously the main difference between Single seater driving experiences and other driving experiences is that when you go out in a single seater car only 1 person can go out and you can't have an instructor sat next to you helping or giving tips or instructions. As this is the case you will most likely first be taken as a passenger around the race circuit by an instructor in a saloon car for a few laps familiarization before you yourself get to take to the wheel of the saloon car for more hands on experience to learn the track and figure out the braking points and racing lines.

After this you will then get your chance to go out in the single seater which is a completely different experience, you are close to the ground and open to the elements.

Depending on what single seater experience you have chosen will affect how many laps and how many times you get to drive the single seater. On a full day even you will likely have a break for lunch before getting back on the track.

At the end of the experience you will have a debriefing to conclude your experience.

Single seater experience at Brands Hatch
Single seater experience at Oulton Park

Single seater experience at Silverstone
Single seater experience at Thruxton

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