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Track days are where drivers take their own cars onto the race circuit.

The format is slightly different than driving experiences where you get to drive a car that is not yours, such as a single seater or Ferrari, but on track days you can take your own car on and push it to it's limits like you are not legally or safely able to do on UK public roads.

There are 2 different types of track day to choose from, 'Session' Track days or 'Open pit-lane' Track days.

'Session' Track days
Session Track days are where drivers are split into 3 groups:
Advanced - Have track day experience and are competent
Intermediate - Have some track day experience
Novice - Have no track day experience

The start of a "Session" track day will involve a safety briefing such as the racing flags and then drivers getting split into their groups. Drivers may also receive a number that needs to be put onto their vehicle to help with identification of drivers and cars.

When the pit lane opens you will find that it is usually the Advanced drivers who get to go out first for their session, usually for around 20 minutes. After this they come back into the pits and the Intermediate group go out on track, again this is for 20 minutes and they then swap to let the novice drivers out on track for their 20 minute session. This sequence keeps getting repeated until lunch time when the pit lane will close and drivers will go for something to eat and also gives the marshals a break too. After lunch it is back into the 20 minute cycle of advanced, intermediate and novice until the end of the session.

'Open pit-lane' Track days
Open pit-lane track days offer drivers the most track time as you get unlimited track time throughout the full length of the track day. Usually the pit lane opens at 9am and closes at 5pm with a short break for dinner.

Unlike session track days where you have to fit your driving into 20 minute slots through out the day you get to choose when you go on track.
Taking breaks is up to you so common sense should be used to make sure you do take periodic breaks through out the day.

Open Pit lane track days are usually for those who have been on track days before, anyone who has never been on a track day might be advised to do a session track day to begin with to get some experience in a slightly more controlled environment.

Track day Insurance
If you are going to take your car on a track day then getting track day insurance is one thing you should consider. Most standard car insurance policy's will not cover you for use of your car on track days.
View our guide about track day insurance for more information and a huge guide on things to check to make sure your car is going to be at it's best on your track day.

On any track day you will be required to wear a helmet. If you are only planning on doing the odd track day very rarely then you will be able to hire helmets from the circuit in most cases. If you are however a regular on track days it could be worth looking at buying your own helmet, in the long run it will save you money rather than hiring a helmet every time. You can expect to pay around £20 to hire a helmet for a day.

Track Day preparation
It is important to make sure your car and yourself are all properly prepared when you go on a track day.
Read our guide with tips and suggested things to do for Track Day Preparation.

Hiring a car for a Track Day
If you don't want to take your own car out onto the circuit on a track day then you do have the option to hire a car for the day. Be warned though that this does cost and increases the cost of a track day quite a bit. Read more about Track Day car hire.

Any racing on a track day is not permitted full stop. If you are found or considered to be racing against others competitively then you will be removed from the track and that will be your track day over.

Driving License
You may be required to produce your valid driving license if you are going to be taking part in a track day. You should check in advance if this is the case and make sure you have it with you.

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